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Better for your bank balance and better for our world

Replacing your old electric water heater with a more efficient and sustainable hot water solution may save you money and help the planet too. It is important that all of us reduce our household carbon emissions to create a less polluted world, which is why the Federal and some State Governments are offering substantial rebates for a range of environmentally friendy hot water systems.

Rebates help more people convert to energy efficient hot water and increase our chances of adhering to internationally accepted emission levels (like the Kyoto agreement). We all need to do our bit to help reduce the impact we have on the world and if we can get financial assistance to do it, then there is no better reason... or time.

Compelling reasons to convert to energy efficient hot water today:

  • Reduce your carbon emissions significantly by converting from an electric storage system to a solar or heat pump system.
  • Significant running cost savings (versus a standard electric hot watersystem) may be achieved if installing a solar or heat pump system.
  • Financial rebates are available at the moment. Some of these rebates will come to an end in the next 12 months. The rebates on offer could mean that you end up paying less for an environmental system than if you purchased a standard hot water system. This means the money you end up saving on running costs, goes straight into your pocket.
  • It is likely new legislation will be introduced in the next 3-5 years, which will ban traditional electric storage water heaters from being installed in domestic households. When this occurs, chances are some of the rebates currently on offer will be discontinued, so the smart choice is to install a more efficient hot water system in the next 12 months and capitalise on the rebates while they are at their peak.