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Which System is Right for me?

Heat Pump System

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Dux Airoheat® Heat Pump - solar hot water without panels

The Dux Airoheat® heat pump is a technology breakthrough that provides all of the benefits of environmentally friendly hot water without the need for solar collectors.

In fact, the Dux Airoheat® heat pump hot water system was recently awarded the 2008 Australian International Design Mark, further testament to its remarkable innovation. The Airoheat® heat pump is the only domestic hot water system to be awarded such a prestigious accolade.

Benefits include:
  • Awarded the 2008 Australian International Design Award
  • Australian made, vitreous enamel storage tank
  • High density polyurethane insulation
  • Easy installation - single piece unit (installs just like an electric storage hot water system on continuous tariff)
  • Small footprint - easily replaces an electric storage hot water system (must be installed outside)
  • When you'd prefer not to have anything on your roof or if the collectors would be significantly shaded.

Gas Continuous Boosted Solar

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Dux Sunpro® Gas Solar
  • Mains pressure hot water unlike continuous flow boosted systems
  • Low megajoule consumption burner
  • Patented Panel Management System protects against overheating in summer & frost damage in winter
  • Fully compliant to the new solar legislation

Electric Boosted Solar

Dux Sunpro® Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water
The Dux Sunpro® electric boosted solar hot water system is pound for pound one of the most efficient electric boosted solar hot water systems in its class. It's reassuring to know that the Dux Sunpro® electric boosted solar hot water system is generally 10% more efficient than same (or similar) sized systems in its class.
Benefits include:
  • Next generation split system with the tank on the ground
  • Australian made, multi temperature sensor, vitreous enamel storage tank
  • Mid height single element boosting for energy efficient boosting
  • High density polyurethane insulation
  • High performance black chrome selective surface collectors as standard
  • Patented Hotlogic processor - 'set it and forget it' technology
  • Recommended for connection to continuous electricity tariff

5 Star Gas Storage

Dux Prodigy® 5 Star Gas Storage

A world's first innovation designed and manufactured right here in Australia

Benefits include:
  • Same footprint (422w x 502d) as existing rectangular 3 star external gas units for a simple install
  • Outstanding delivery – can deliver well over 2,000 litres of hot water in a 24 hour period at 45°C temperature rise
  • Patented Flue Damper technology delivers 5 star gas efficiency by dramatically reducing heat loss after the heating cycle
  • Australian designed, made and owned

5 Star Continuous Flow

Dux Endurance® 5 Star Continuous Flow

The Dux Endurance® continuous flow gas hot water system offers precise temperature control with the added benefits of unlimited hot water. Whilst not a solar or heat pump hot water system, the Endurance® continuous flow unit still offers users environmentally friendly hot water.

Benefits include:
  • Models in 16,20,26 and 31 litres/min hot water delivery options allow you to select the model to suit your hot water usage needs.
  • 5 Star or higher energy rating - up to a maximum of 6.2 stars!
  • Mains, bathroom and ensuite controllers available for an additional cost
  • Natural Gas and LPG models available