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Victorian State Rebate

There are currently 5 Victorian State Solar Hot Water System Rebates on offer

  • Metropolitan Melbourne Solar Hot Water System installs
  • Regional Victoria Solar Hot Water System installs

To see which rebate your suburb could be eligible for, please Click here.

  • Victorian Energy Saver Incentive (VEET)
  • Gas Hot Water Rebate for replacement of peak (day rate) electric water heaters.
  • and Benefits for bushfire communities amongst solar hot water adjustments

It should be noted that some of these rebates are available as a point of sale discount only. Once you have selected a product and would like to locate a distributor, you should contact 1300 365 116(when calling from inside VIC).

1) Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victorian Solar Hot Water Rebate (POS discount only)

The total rebate available ranges between $300 and $1500 (metro) or $400 and $1600 (regional) depending on the size of the system and its performance (e.g. solar contribution). The ‘Rebate-A-Meter’ can be used to determine what rebate amount is available for each type of eligible system. This rebate is offered on eligible installs until the 31st December 2010.

Installations may be eligible for this rebate if they are;

  • Replacing a natural gas or LPG water heater with a gas-boosted solar system
  • Adding a solar water heater to an existing natural gas or LPG water heater, as a preheater
  • Adding solar panels to an existing off-peak electric water heater as a retrofit kit
  • Replacing an existing solar, wood, briquette or oil fueled water heater with gas-boosted or electric solar system.
  • Replacing an electric water heater with gas boosted or electric solar system(if natural gas is not available in the street) where the applicant has installed ceiling insulation under the Australian Government’s Homeowner Insulation Program

Applicants may be eligible for this rebate where;

  • The property is an existing home, which is permanently occupied by an owner or tenant
  • Solar collectors have been installed by a licensed plumber, so that they face between North-East and North-West on the roof, with a Compliance Certificate issued
  • Some community buildings and not for profit organisations may be eligible for the rebate - Click here for more information

To organise the purchase and an application for the point of sale discount, call 1300 365 116 (from inside VIC). or Click here to view full eligibility criteria

2) Victorian Energy Saver Incentive (VEET)

Promoted as the Energy Saver Incentive, the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) is a scheme which aims to encourage the uptake of energy efficient technology in residential premises. When approved energy efficiency technologies are installed, Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are created. Large electricity and gas retailers then have a legal liability to acquire these VEECs from those who created them. VEECs are a traded item and therefore the value of VEECs will fluctuate over time.

VEECs can be created for installs after 1 January 2009 when the following hot water system installations occur:

  • An approved Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water system replaces either a decommissioned electric or gas hot water system.
  • An approved Electric Boosted Solar or Heat Pump system replaces a decommissioned electric hot water system.
  • An approved 5 star Gas Storage or Continuous Flow unit replaces a decommissioned electric storage heater.
  • An approved Solar Retrofit kit or Pre-Heater is installed.

The number of VEECs generated will be determined by a combination of the energy efficiency of the new system, the type of old system which is replaced and also the geographic location of the install (Metropolitan or Regional VIC).

Current VEECs point value $16 ex GST

3) Gas Hot Water Rebate for replacement of peak (day-rate) electric water heaters.

The Victorian government has introduced this rebate to help reduce the running costs and carbon emissions caused by inefficient electric water heaters. 

This program provides rebates for eligible purchases and installations of natural gas and LPG water heaters in households that currently use a peak (day-rate) electric water heater.

Rebate Amounts

$400 for a 5-star gas instantaneous or gas storage hot water heater (4+ stars for internal systems) OR $700 for concession card holders, installing a gas instantaneous or gas storage hot water heater (4+ stars for internal systems) An additional rebate of $300 might be available if you live in a flat or apartment where there's a separate occupancy directly above or below you

Eligibility Criteria

  • your household currently uses a peak (day-rate) electric water heater, or a water heater fuelled by wood and your household does not have a second, off-peak water heater
  • the property is your principal place of residence
  • and you will be installing a natural gas or LPG water heater that has at least a 5 star rating or 4 star rating for internal systems